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Pam Baer Biography

Pam Baer is a San Francisco-based community leader and philanthropist. She focuses on projects relating to health care for the vulnerable and overall social well-being. A Texas native, Pam is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.


After earning her marketing and finance degree, she moved to New York City to begin a career in financial services. She soon tapped into her entrepreneurial talents and started a direct marketing agency with B2B and B2C clients in fashion, finance, and numerous other industries. She met her husband while in New York and after getting married, she moved to San Francisco to start their family. While in the city, Pam continued to manage her Fortune 500 clients and started down her path of becoming a significant force for good in the San Francisco area.

Pam Baer, San Francisco

Inspired by the lifesaving care given to one of her sons after an accident, she joined the board of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation in 2002. She served on the board until 2018 when she was named their first Lifetime Director. Pam’s work for the foundation has included the Hearts in San Francisco Project which has raised over $18 million for the General. Hearts in San Francisco is an auction of heart-shaped sculptures that are displayed in both public and private spaces throughout San Francisco, the Bay Area and also internationally. Pam’s entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic desire led her to launch For Goodness Sake in 2014. Over its four years of operation, this benefit corporation gave a portion of its proceeds to local causes that supported education, healthcare and social good. For Goodness Sake raised over $1 million in donations to various nonprofits across the San Francisco Bay Area.
Pam Baer is a dedicated force for good in her community with a passion for providing solutions to the issues facing vulnerable populations. She holds many trustee and board positions with organizations such as the Contemporary Jewish MuseumFamily Housethe Giants Community Fund, as well as the Jewish Women’s Giving Circle. She is a Founder’s Circle member of Every Mother Counts helping to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers everywhere. She is also an advisory board member of Nest, an organization dedicated to women artisans by promoting their well-being and cultural preservation. She is married to Larry Baer, CEO of the San Francisco Giants and together they have four children.

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